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About this collection

Pierson Middle School War Journal

This is a digital version of a journal kept by Angelo Solimino during his service in World War II.

Brief Biography of Angelo Solimino:

Angelo Solimino was born in Orange, NJ. His family moved to Queens when he was only one. He stayed in Queens until he was drafted into the Army. Mr. Solimino attended St. Joseph's Parochial Elementary School and later went to Bryant High School. Upon graduation he began work at a steel plant in the area.


Mr. Solimino was then drafted into the US Army at the age of twenty-one. Upon his discharge from the military, he obtained work at Astoria Federal Bank as a teller. Over Mr. Solimino's career at the bank, he was able to work himself up to VP of Mortgage Department. He worked for Astoria Federal Bank for over 36 years.


Mr. Solimino married his first wife, Lorretta, when he was in his twenties. They had five children together, one girl and four boys. His wife died Sept. 21, 1974.
Five years latter he met Rita at the bank; they fell in love and were married not long after. Mr. and Mrs. Solimino currently live in Syosset.


While in service to the Army, Mr. Solimino was sent with the 805 Tank Destroyers Co. C to North Africa. General Rommel only had four known places to supply in the desert. As the Allies tried to push Rommel up from the south, the 805th was put in Rommel's way to try to slow him down. They were capture by Rommel's troops in North Algeria on February 17th 1943. The 805th was sent to a transit camp via Italy and the Brennan Pass. After being capture one of Mr. Solimino's officers changed his pay book to make it appear that Mr. Solimino was an officer. This allowed him to go to a POW for officers opposed to a work camp for the enlisted men. While in the POW camp for 2 years, 2 month and five days, Mr. Solimino created this log to help keep his sanity. Upon being liberated by the Russians, on April 22, 1945; Mr. Solimino left the log behind. Someone picked it up and later returned it to Mr. Solimino.

About this Project:

"I first heard about the journal when I saw a Christmas card Angelo and Rita Solimino sent my mother. Mr. Solimino would include a copy of a poem or picture in every Christmas card to encourage people to remember the veterans of World War II and the sacrifices they made. It is very important to Mr. Solimino that the younger generations of today learn about the war and try to develop an understanding of what these men went through. And from there, this project has developed."--Susan Duff


This project was created by Pierson Middle High School students under the supervision of history teacher, Sue Duff, and school librarian, Kira McLaughlin, as an extra curricular activity.


The project was developed to act as a pilot project for the LILRC Regional Digitization Program, Long Island Memories, to encourage students, teachers, and librarians to work together to make Long Island history accessible. This was a unique piece of historical material that would have been lost if not for this project.

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