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To enhance access to our rich and varied collections, we have digitized a wide range of materials including photographs, postcards, and manuscripts from our Libraries' Special Collections, many of which highlight the rich history of New York State. 




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Anna E. Wilcox Collection


The Anna E. Wilcox Collection of Civil War letters consists of forty-five letters on forty-four separate sheets, eight photographs, four envelopes which could not be matched to any letters, and ancillary materials. Eleven of the letters are without envelopes, though one was likely enclosed in the same envelope as one of the others. Forty-two of the forty-five letters were definitely written to Anna Wilcox, of Smyrna, Chenango County, New York. Thirty-eight, possibly thirty-nine, of the letters to Miss Wilcox were written by four of her male cousins who were serving in the Union Army. The remaining letters were written by other relatives of Miss Wilcox. Two of the letters were written to persons other than Miss Wilcox.


Francis M. and Henry H. Stone Collection


The Francis M. and Henry H. Stone Collection contain twenty-one letters written by the two brothers while they were in the 27th Regiment of the New York Volunteer Infantry and the 1st Regiment New York Veteran Cavalry.   The brothers were from Lima, in Livingston County, New York.  The letters home are to their father, sister Alta, and brother George. and are from 1861-1864.

These letters are full of rich details concerning officers of the U.S. Army, battle positions taken up, troop strengths and movements, and capture of prisoners.  These two soldiers participated in some of the most important battles, Bull Run, Manassas, Martinsburg and Richmond. The letters also furnish information about daily life for soldiers, limited food rations, bad conditions and illness within the camps and barracks.


Joseph H. Treyz Collection of Civil War Patriotic Envelopes


The Joseph H. Treyz Collection contains 149 patriotic envelopes printed during the Civil War.  They represent the Union cause and contain patriotic images such as the Union flag, state seals, soldiers, goddesses, depictions of Northern cities, prominent leaders and military officers, and cartoons and caricatures depicting Southern life.  The majority of the envelopes include a slogan or poetry supporting the Union cause.  Most of the envelopes are beige in color, with a few that are yellow, blue, or pink. The images are printed in black and white or with colors of blue, red, or a combination of red, white and blue.


Lewis H. Brown Collection


The Lewis H. Brown Collection consists of sixty-four letters written by Lewis Henry Brown, Lewis’ brother Burritt Brown, and Albert Ransom, Burritt Brown’s friend and tent-mate.  They were residents of Binghamton, Broome County, NY. 

Lewis Brown served in the 27th New York Regiment of the Volunteer Infantry from 1861-1863, while Burritt Brown and Al Ransom were in the 168th New York Regiment of Volunteer Infantry from 1862-1863.   All re-enlisted in the 1st New York Veteran Cavalry in 1864 and continued with this regiment until the war’s end.  

The letters, written to family members, date from 1861-1863 and 1865.  The letters provide insight into daily life in the camps, troop movements, and military engagements, with mention of the First Battle of Bull Run, General McDowell’s advance on Fredericksburg and the siege at Yorktown, VA. The majority of the letters were written by Lewis Brown.


Patrick Casey Collection


The Patrick Casey Collection consists of an autobiographical narrative and two diaries.  Patrick Casey, of Whitehall, Washington County, enlisted with the 104th Regiment of the New York Volunteer Infantry.  He served with this regiment from 1862-1865.


Ingraham P. Smith Collection


The Ingraham P. Smith Collection consists of forty-five letters and two medical documents.  Smith, a resident of Middlefield, Otsego County, New York, served with the121st New York Volunteer Infantry, Company G. The letters, written to his mother and sister, range in date from December 03, 1861 to May 06, 1865.  A letter dated July 29, appears to have been written by his brother Jeremiah, who served with the 51st New York Infantry Regiment during the Civil War.


Smith’s letters describe troop movements and destinations, the capture of confederate soldiers, camp life, and information about battles, such as the Battle of Fredericksburg, Battle of Spotsylvania Courthouse and the Wilderness Campaign.   His letters also furnish information about the Union hospitals and convalescent camps he was sent to when he contracted chronic diarrhea and again when he was wounded.  During his recuperation Smith writes about the poor hospital conditions, death of patients, serving as a hospital guard and helping the Christian Commission and Soldiers Relief Association with an event to aid the Union soldiers.  Several notable individuals such as President Abraham Lincoln, Ulysses S. Grant, George Meade, Philip Sheridan and Jefferson Davis are mentioned in Smith’s letters. 


Ten Eyck Fonda Collection


The Ten Eyck Fonda Collection consists of twenty-six letters written by Fonda while serving as a telegrapher for the United States Military Telegraph Service during the Civil War, and one political campaign card.  Fonda was from Fonda, Montgomery County, New York. The letters were written to his immediate family and date from July 12, 1861 to June 14, 1863.


The content of Fonda’s letters to his family describe the perilous job of maintaining the Union’s telegraphic lifeline, provide first-hand accounts of battles and their devastation, and reflect concerns about the capability of the Union Army.  He also includes description of the towns, their remaining inhabitants and the destruction inflicted upon them.

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